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To hire or not to hire?

no time for thatToday’s subject is near and dear to me and one I have written about frequently.  If you take away nothing from my blog except this, I will have accomplished my mission.

I am passionate that everyone has a Carefree wedding day.  Sure my tagline is “Be the Carefree Bride” but I really want so much more than that.  I want everyone involved in your wedding day to Be Carefree – that means you and your beloved, your mothers, your fathers, sisters, brothers, friends…if they are a guest at your wedding their only concern for the day should be having a great time and celebrating your love.

And just as fervently as I hope that for you and those you love, I know it is nearly impossible without a Day of Wedding Coordinator.  Even the best planned weddings have hiccups.  And there is so much to do on the day of your wedding!  Getting ready for your wedding day is not like getting ready for work or a date night.  Hair and make-up – especially if professionally done – can take up to two hours just for the Bride!  And getting into the gown is rarely an easy task – with multiple layers, buttons, zippers, and laces it can actually take half an hour just to put on the dress.  The men typically have it easier but it still takes longer than usual to get dressed – most men are not accustomed to french cuffs, bow ties, and cummerbunds.

Often times a venue only allows a couple of hours for set up.  So if your venue arrival time is 2:00 and your ceremony is scheduled for 5:00 and it takes you 2 hours to get ready, how are you going to set up the chairs, coordinate with your vendors, set tables, and decorate in an hour?  And taking photos before the ceremony?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

This is where a Day of Wedding Coordinator (or Wedding Details Coordinator as I call myself) comes in handy.  We are not all the same so it is important when shopping for your DoC that you understand exactly what is covered.  And it is equally important that you understand what your venue Day of Coordinator will be responsible for…don’t wait until it is too late to find out.

I’ve compiled a list of questions for you when interviewing your potential Day of Wedding Coordinator or venue coordinator.  Every event will have its own unique set of challenges so consider this a starting point rather than a comprehensive list.

-          Will you contact my vendors prior to my wedding day to confirm their arrival times and needs?

-          Will you help me create a comprehensive timeline for my wedding day? And will you make sure all goes according to plan?

-          Will you help my photographer coordinate photos?

-          Will you be the point of contact for vendors on my wedding day?

-          Will you set the chairs for the ceremony?  The reception?  What if chairs are being moved from ceremony to reception?

-          Will you inspect my rentals (specialty chairs, linens, dishes) to ensure everything is in good condition and make notes if not?  Will you contact my vendors if there                are problems?

-          Will you be responsible for tracking down any late vendors?

-          Will you decorate?  Set the tables, arrange the centerpieces, place escort cards/favors?

-          Will you pin boutonnieres and corsages (it’s harder than you think)?

-          Will you load gifts into a pre-arranged car?

-          Will you take everything down and clean up?  Will you ensure linens are properly bagged for return, chairs stacked, etc?

-          What happens if my flowers are dead, the cake is wrong, or the DJ doesn’t have my song choices?

-          Will you stay for the entire event?

-          Will you line up my guests for the exit and distribute bubbles/petals/sparklers/Glo-beez?

And remember if the answer is no to any of those questions, you will need to designate someone to handle it.  Or worse, you will have to do it.

What would you add?

Be Carefree,



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