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Make an Exit

What have you planned for your grand exit at the end of your evening?  Are you hoping to slip out quietly, party until the venue kicks you out, or exit with much fanfare?

If you are hoping to slip out quietly, that probably is easier said than done.  The best way to make that happen is to leave without telling ANYONE that you are going.  And I’m going to be honest with you here, your guests are going to feel robbed.

If you are planning to party until the venue kicks you out, well that isn’t a good idea either.  Most – if not all – venues will charge you by the hour an additional fee if you are not cleaned up and out by your contracted time.  If you don’t have a grand exit, your guests won’t know when to leave.  And your vendors need time to pack up and get out – you don’t want them adding to your bill too.

So option three – exit with much fanfare!  My most successful events are the ones with a pre-planned exit strategy.  It tells your guests that it is time to leave and if you really want the party to continue arrange for your closest friends to meet you at another location for an after party.

But what kind of fanfare should you have?  For starters, ask your venue if they have any restrictions.  Due to drought conditions the last few years here in Austin, most venues will not allow sparklers (which really is too bad as they make for spectacular pictures and are just plain fun).  Many venues frown upon birdseed because they don’t want birds hanging out at an entrance/exit…unless you are at Green Pastures where they encourage birdseed for their flock of peacocks and peahens.

And speaking of birds, you do know that you can’t do rice anymore, right?

Rose petals were popular for a while but some venues don’t like them because they can stain the concrete.  Lavender has grown in popularity but I know of at least one Austin area venue that doesn’t allow it because it is “messy to clean up”.

Bubbles can be fun but messy and a little awkward for guests if they are holding a purse, a favor/program, coats, etc.  I recently saw a photo where the guests were given bubble guns though – and I have to admit that looked like fun.

I’ve also had a couple have their guests release wish lanterns (think Tangled) and it was gorgeous – but another item vetoed due to drought.

Glow sticks can make for a colorful and fun filled exit.  And that brings us to (shameless plug) Glo-beez!  Glo-beez are little glow in the dark fireflies and they are so cute even after they stop glowing that your guests will take them as a whimsical keepsake of your wedding.  Full disclosure: capturing them in photos has proven a challenge but it’s really pretty in person.  A former groom created them for his wedding and he has a patent pending on them.  Depending on quantity, Glo-beezare as low as $1.75 each.  You can order them from my etsy store here or contact me directly for an additional discount.

Whatever you decide for your wedding exit, make it memorable.

Be Carefree,



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