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Must Have Photos

wedding ringsObviously I am on a photography kick this week so I thought I would round it out with  the importance of having a Must Have photo list.

Don’t assume any photos are a given with your photographer.  Make sure your photographer understands how important it is to you to get photos of you and your groom on your wedding day.  Or photos with your best friend.  Or to not get photos with certain people…

And don’t forget to request detail shots.  There is no need to spend a lot of time on those shots but they will be much appreciated by your wedding professionals.  Love the bouquets?  Make sure to get a good shot to send your florist with a thank you note.  Did the cake taste as good as it looked?  Make sure to include a photo when you thank the baker.  Did everything look exactly as planned?  Give your coordinator photos to include in her portfolio. Not only have you spent a lot of time planning those little details that made your wedding you, but your photographer can use those shots to submit your wedding for publication.

And finally, don’t forget your ring shot.  Check out my Pinterest board of unique ring shots to get your creative juices flowing.  The photo above is from a wedding I did at the Tyler Rose Garden and incorporated the Bride’s grandfather’s bible.  I’m proud to say this shot was my idea and she loved it so much this is the photo she had enlarged and is hanging above her bed.

There’s no need to list out all the hundreds of shots you want on your wedding day – you need to be able to trust your photographer.  But think of the photos you will be sad to not have and make sure your photographer is aware of them.  He or she wants you to be happy too!

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